Friday, June 19, 2009

romantic summer selfportrait

i took these photos a couple of weeks back for a non-blog purpose. and i like them, so i had to post them here too. the light is so soft and warm. i even like the fact that they are a little blurry.

the last photo i also added to the braid wednesday flickr group. there are some seriously awesome braids in there.

here's to a romantic weekend.


  1. It's wonderful, i love your romantics and sunny pictures.
    Happy week-end

  2. Beautiful!! Love the lighting!

    Love your yellow sandals!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. that's a wonderful selfportrait. i like the sandals too. it looks like summer, light and fresh. what a great idea, the braid wednesday. wish you a happy day*

  4. I love your white dress! I would love to wear Summer dress too but it's still chilly over here... It doesn't feel like Summer. Lots of rain... Hope see more sun next week!

    Have a great weekend! oxox

  5. Beautiful dress! The yellow strappy sandals add a nice touch. I enjoy your photos & blog.

  6. The white broderie anglaise dress is so pretty and very romantic! It looks like you were at a summer picnic?

  7. my favorite floor mat, some lovely yellow shoes, a romantic white dress and an adorable lady ...

  8. love the yellow sandals.

    and the soft, romantic braid.

    when i try to do that to myself, it looks like a retarded monkey messed about with my head.

  9. Oh, that is so beautiful!! :)