Sunday, July 26, 2009

daan's pirates

some time ago daan from maandagdaandag had a giveaway with gray boy's underwear with a pirate print. and i won! yihaa! that would be the first and - so far ;) - only time i won a giveaway.

so i was very excited when i received the present. and i love it. and so do the boys. which means it will probably not just be used as underwear, more like all around summer wear. they didn't even fight about how to divide it.

thank you so much, daan. it is really beautiful :)

they didn't love my photo session though, so i had to bribe them with pringles (yes, on occasions it happens that i bribe my children, if you don't, please tell me the secret).


  1. Søde søde drenge du har -og rigtig sejt undertøj ;-)

  2. I have got twins, so I know the problem to divide !!! But it's a good way, here !!! I love your blanket too, the blue one !!! Have a great sunday ! Bises

  3. They are so cute and the gray underwear is good on them! I always enjoy the photos of your boys! Thanks for sharing!! ox

  4. it's so good to win!!!!
    who knows if you win only this?

    they are very cute!!!!

  5. You have two lovely boys, Trinsch! Hahaha, having raised three boys myself, I can understand that they needed to be bribed for a photo session. No need to feel guilty, it happens in the best of families; the trick is to not let them know it is a bribe! (PS I gave you a little blog award on my blog.)

  6. I'm so glad you won!! You're little ones look like the perfect models for her darling creations!!