Friday, October 28, 2011

holding on to october

it's october. i like this month here. the cooling down, the afternoon light.

the twins celebrated their sixth birthday yesterday. the day before my mom had arrived from denmark, so they had the day off.

times is flying these days, seriously. i don't get around to do half of what i plan.

did i tell you i started running? well, i did. i ran in the spring, and started to be serious while in denmark this summer. it's the first time in my life i'm really getting hooked on doing sports.

wishing you a great late october weekend.


  1. good for you - I got as far as buying running shoes in the spring ...
    happy birthday to your six year olds!

  2. kol ha kavod!
    with the running
    i started this summer in sweden but stopped again...
    i feel the same, that time is running and i am not sure where to.
    but i enjoy the fall and the winter getting closer.

    love to you