Tuesday, January 3, 2012

like, right now

i like the season. i like the colors, the gray tones mixed with colors of new beginnings. it's winter here, but here in the middle east it means colors of autumn that instantly mix with the green fresh tones of spring brought by the rain and the sun that is the middle eastern winter.
i like the beginning of the new, the freshness and the lightness of a new, blank page.
i like the quietness of home, the little moments in between when the i notice the light pouring through the windows.
i like the tastes and smell of the season, hot chai and already fading memories of last year.


i'm thinking of things i wish to accomplish in the new year. dreaming of a marathon, a better diet to support this dream, more creativity and being in the moment. simplicity, coming to terms with certain things and follow up on what needs changing.

1 comment:

  1. These are such pretty and peaceful shots. I love the shrimp heart. Also, I am now hungry for shrimp!

    I hope that your new year is lovely.